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Thank you for visiting Best Tankless Water Heater Reviews. My name is Ron and I, along with my plumber friends, developed this website to help other homeowners find the best tankless water heater. We believe tank heaters are obsolete. Tankless water heaters are the wave of the future; just as smart phones are to flip phones and flat screen tv’s are to the old tv boxes. Tank heaters are a waste of space, money and energy but changing to a tankless heater can be a daunting task when deciding between all the models on the market today.

My experience with trying to find which tankless water heater fit my needs, then comparing all the various models was extremely frustrating. After that endeavor, I realized I obtained a significant amount of knowledge about tankless water heaters that I believe I should share. I hope my website makes your decision with purchasing a tankless water heater a bit easier. I will continue to add information as I learn more.

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